When it is time to select the perfect kitchen faucet to go with your kitchen sink, our knowledgable designers will show you all the faucet options available. First, we will ask what you are looking for in a kitchen faucet.  The sink can determine the style of kitchen faucet. Therefore, we will need to know what style of sink you have or you plan to install. It’s always a good idea to select your sink and faucet at the same time to ensure they fit properly and can be installed together easily.
Classic Cabinets and Interiors also offers a variety of toilet options in every style for every budget. We offer high-end, luxurious toilets and modestly priced toilets that look very stylish and will function flawlessly for years. We will also help you decide on the shape of the toilet. The most common options are the standard round front, egg shaped elongated (which may be comfortable for adults) or the compact elongated bowl (which can fit into smaller places). Other options include a heated toilet, sanitary guard (helps prevent fluid from getting under the tank) or removable seat (snaps off for easy cleaning). Toilets with higher seats positioned at 16 1/2 inches are designed to accommodate someone transferring from a wheelchair but are also comfortable for other users.